Hello everyone. This is Serpent21 here, also known as Mr. Serpent on soundcloud.

I am thrilled to announce that a Wiki page has been made for Auxy Beat Studio, or Auxy Music Creation.

If you wish to contribute to this Wiki, go ahead.

Feel free to comment your Auxy Soundcloud Profiles and I will be interested in looking at your songs.

Pages in this Wiki will include some of the top songs made by artists including DeCruz, IVO, Hip Drop, s0phont, and more.  Pages will also include developer info (if possible), a how-to manual on some of the knacks and tips that can be used to help create a song.

If you have any suggestions but don't want to make an article, you can comment a suggestion or start a page, which hopefully will be finished.

Thanks a bunch for looking at this blog post, more updates will follow.

-Serpent21 (talk) 02:07, March 24, 2017 (UTC)